• Ujjawal will fight for a Real Brexit that British public voted for, cut immigration numbers, control our own borders, Skilled based visa system for talented people.
  • Ujjawal will bring real change, straight talking, addressing real issues that matter for local people – Not just trying to appease certain vote bank groups
  • Ujjawal will take on NHS issues to increase Luton Dunstable hospital bed capacity to cut long waiting hours and cut unfair hospital parking charges
  • Ujjawal will work with local communities to reduce crime rates and make our city a safer place to live.
  • Ujjawal will fight to get our own local Grammar school and increase number of school places for local families.
  • Ujjawal will help to create new jobs, protect public services from cuts and improve local economy by cutting business rates so companies can hire more staff
  • Ujjawal will help to develop Luton a touristic town for image makeover and create new job opportunities. Create tourist attractions so people can visit Luton