Date of Birth: 26th January 1977
Family: Married to Pamela Bhardwaj and have a 3 year plus old monkey name Ayush
Education: Master in Business Administration (MBA) from Leeds business school, Bachelor of commerce (
Religion: Hindu
Political Skills: Excellent communicator, active ex labour party member, experience of student leadership, experience in election campaign, actively involved in brexit campaign, up to date with current affair and political issues.
Work Experience: I have worked for commdity traders, stockbroker, financial services, media houses, IT services and New media management and working with small businesses.

Personal Profile:

I am passionate about politics and want to make changes  in people lives so they can improve their standard of living and educate their loved  ones. I believe if I want to change  the system then I have to be in it to make any substantial change. I am an Internet entrepreneur who believes in growing together and faster with other businesses. Internet is my business, passion and bread butter. I own 100s of websites  for different markets.